Our contribution to a better future

Today's Challenges

The current time is of marked by great challengesthat need to be tackled. The Climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and the depletion of natural resources are just some of the most pressing issues we need to address. As a company we are ours Responsibility aware and want ours Contribution for one better future afford. For this reason we have decided to plant a tree for every order we receive.

Why do we plant trees?

trees are one important ingredient ours ecosystem and play an indispensable role for our Climate. She bind carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and contribute to regulation of the water balance at. In addition, they offer Habitat for numerous animal and plant species and contribute to conservation of biodiversity at. But not only that: Trees are also very important for us humans. She delivery us wood, food and medicine and are an important part of our cultural history.

Our commitment to the environment

As a company we are ours Responsibility aware of the environment and want to do our part to ensure that we also Future on a intact and healthy soil be able to live. Next to ours Tree Planting Program we have taken further measures to improve our to improve the environmental balance. For example, we set up renewable energy and completely offset our CO2 production.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

For us, Nsustainability is a guiding principle, which is taken into account in all our business areas and decisions. We are aware that as a company we have a significant impact on the environment and society and want to use this impact positively. So we rely on one sustainable production and use eco-friendly packaging out of FSC certified material.

"To consider the end of everything you do, that is sustainability." 

Eric Schweitzer